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Why Choose a Labrador?



They are easy to train.


The combination of intelligence and eagerness to please makes the Labrador one of the easiest dogs to train for both new and experienced dog owners. They want to do the right thing and their intelligence allows them to quickly pick up what you want them to do.


They get on well with children.


Labrador often form a strong bond with the younger members of the family. They seem to naturally alter their behaviour with small or nervous children, but also adore more rough-and-tumble play with more boisterous kids. We can help to find the right puppy for your family by identifying the puppies who are naturally more boisterous or more quiet.


They are versatile.


Along with being a great family pet, they make fantastic guide dogs, retrieving dogs, companion dogs, therapy pets, sniffer dogs, and working dogs. Puppies adapt well to their new home environment whether that is a big backyard, small backyard, indoor dog or outdoor dog.


They get on well with other pets.


The Labrador is naturally sociable. They get on with other dogs and pets of all shapes and sizes - even cats! Our Labradors love to curl up together and share their beds.


They are low maintenance.


Labradors don't require expensive trips to the dog grooming salon. Their coat will moult, meaning a powerful vacuum is a must if he comes inside, but otherwise the occasional bath is all that is needed to keep them looking great.


They are great swimmers.


Labs are one of the best swimmers in the dog world, Every trip to the beach or river is an entertaining adventure.


They are playful.


Labradors are well known for being one of the most playful breeds of dog. They love to play fetch with their owner, while a trip to the park will see them instantly make new four-legged playmates.


They are not noisy.


While Labs will bark occasionally if they need to draw your attention to something important, they are generally quiet dogs. It's rare for a Lab to bark or howl when left alone.