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About Labradors

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Labradors are consistently one of the most popular dog breeds in Australia, well known for their intelligence, suitability for children, friendly personality and good looks! As registered Labrador breeders with Dogs NSW who actively and successfully compete in conformation shows, our goal is to breed Labradors puppies that resemble the ANKC Labrador Retriever breed standard as closely as possible. The ANKC Labrador Retriever Breed Standard can be found here.  For our puppy buyers this means you'll get a well bred Labrador puppy from a Labrador breeder who is striving to produce the correct temperament, the correct size, the correct body and head shape and the correct coat. Our success at dog shows we are achieving our goals.


If you are still deciding whether a Labrador is the right dog for you, here are some of their characteristics that have helped to make them one of the most popular dog breeds.


1. They are easy to train

The combination of intelligence and eagerness to please makes the Labrador one of the easiest dogs to train for both new and experienced dog owners. They want to do the right thing and their intelligence allows them to quickly pick up what you want them to do.