Puppy Checklist

Please see below list of items we recommend you have on hand when your puppy comes home


1) Food Bowl - We use stainless steel bowls as they last almost forever and can't be chewed up!

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl  


2) Water Bowl - Something heavy that puppy can't chew or tip over if they like to "dig" the water out.

Mason Cash Cane Lettered Water Bowl, 1.8L, Brown 28488">Heavy Concrete Bowl

Automatic Water Trough Stainless Steel Sheep Dog Chicken Cow Auto Fill Bowl">Auto Waterer. We use the auto waterers for our adult dogs as they are very convenient


3) Flea & Tick Prevention - This is essential if you live in a paralysis tick area as our puppies will not be treated for this before they go to their new homes (we don't have paralysis ticks in our area)

Advantix for Dogs 10-25kg, 3 Pack">Advantix


4) Worming Medication

Milbemax All-wormer for Dogs 5-25 Kg Pet Meds">Milbemax


5) Bedding

Outdoor Bed

Indoor Bed


6) Crate or Puppy Pen

Wire Dog Crate

Puppy Pen



7) Toys


8) Treats


9) Lead & Collar


10) Food - As per Breeder's diet chart.